We the Elders, after much prayer and consideration decided to reevaluate our current service protocols. We have had several conversations with individual members about the issue of requiring masks in our services. The conversations went something like this: “If you are not requiring everyone to wear a mask, I am not coming,” and “If you are requiring everyone to wear a mask, I am not coming.” With the size of our congregation, there are numerous opinions on the subject. It is clear the congregation is divided about what the leadership should do. We understand it is not possible to please everyone, so we are doing the best we can to allow as many of our members to attend a service of their choice to feel safe. Some of you may not like the decisions we have made, but please understand we have your best interests at heart.
We encourage you, regardless of what you personally think about the entire issue of the Corona virus and how it is being reported, to exercise the fruit of the Spirit when dealing with your brothers and sisters in Christ. There are very strong opinions on both sides of the issue, and we must guard against speaking harshly or using condemning body language with others.
We believe the following changes will serve our members in the best possible way.
We have decided to adjust the 9am service to a mask required service with all the members and guests required to wear masks to enter the building. Masks will be available at the front door for those who need one. Social distancing will be strictly followed. No hugging or hand shaking will be allowed. We will still be having worship and the members may sing with masks in place. The Worship Team will be required to wear masks except when on stage. The speaker will do the same. If you have been attending the 9am service or you have a medical exemption, and you do not want to wear a mask, you may attend the 10:30am service. If you have been attending the 10:30 service and are more comfortable if everyone is wearing a mask, please feel free to attend the 9am service.
The 10:30 service will continue with social distancing protocols in place. We are providing an overflow room in the Gathering Place where the service will be broadcast in case the sanctuary is too full to properly social distance.
Amended Reopening Plans and Procedures
We the Elders, want to assure you we have spent a great deal of effort to insure our members and any guests who attend our services will be in a safe, clean environment. Every step has been examined and carefully considered as we move forward with our social distancing and hygiene processes. Every Saturday the entire church is professionally sanitized. 
We understand some of you may still be unsure about being around a large group of people regardless of the safety measures in place. That is precisely why we are continuing to live stream all of our services and Bible studies. If you are concerned or are feeling ill please stay home. We may contact you just to see if you are okay. We don't want anyone to feel pressured in any way to attend a service. 
· Social distancing will be practiced in the entire church. The sanctuary is preset for proper social distancing. Chairs are arranged to accommodate families to worship along side others by staying six feet apart, both side to side and front to back. It will be obvious what we have done and it should be easy to follow. Please leave three chairs between your family and the next family. 
· All Ushers and Greeters will be wearing face masks and gloves. In order to practice social distancing, hand shaking and hugging is strongly discouraged. They will be handing out bulletins at a safe distance. Face masks will be available for anyone who chooses to wear one. Face masks are required at the 9am service.
· We will not be passing offering plates at this time. All tithes and offerings will be deposited in the tithe boxes at the Welcome Desk.
· We will not be passing communion trays at this time. Selected ushers will be handing out the cups to each individual in a variety of locations in the sanctuary. 
· All Welcome Desk workers will be wearing face masks and will sanitize the kiosk machines after each use. Markers on the floor will identify six-foot distances. 
· All children's volunteers and children's check-in volunteers will be wearing face masks. Markers on the floor will identify six-foot distancing. The Children's Ministry is preset for social distancing. We will provide child care in Nursery through kindergarten without social distancing. If you are uncomfortable with that arrangement, you may keep your children with you in the sanctuary. We have places set aside for children and parents who may need to take the little ones out of the sanctuary. Only children 1st through 5th grade will be allowed in the large classroom. Children's Ministry will only be offered at the 10:30 service. We will provide provision for any guests who may come to the 9am service.
· We have a dedicated clean-up crew in place to clean and sanitize between services. One person is dedicated to door knobs and light switches, another is dedicated to counters, sofas, and tables. We will have a person sanitize the bathrooms, and the other person will be available to help where needed. We have installed toe-step door openers on both bathroom doors to eliminate having to use the door handle.
· Worship Team, Safety Team, sound booth, and all other groups and meetings will be practicing social distancing. 
· Because our church has automatic entry doors, usher maned sanctuary doors, and toe-step devices on the bathroom doors, it is reasonable that you could come to the services and not touch anything going in or out.
We hope we have covered all the bases and are committed to making your worship experience rewarding and comfortable. If you notice we could do better in any area, please feel free to make suggestions.